We are one of the most diverse big-game outfitters in the Canadian North.

With more than 30 years outfitting experience in Canada’s North, Adventure Northwest offers a full complement of unique big game hunting packages to our clients.

Our partnerships with the aboriginal and Inuit people of the North will put you in the safe care of several generations of capable hunters, with unparalleled experience traveling on the land.

We invite you to take advantage of their expertise while you hunt the magnificent animals of the north with priceless memories as well as outstanding trophies.

What We’re All About

Welcome to the Canadian North – a big game paradise. For over 30 years we’ve been giving hunters the experience of their lives.

Guided through the amazing land with centuries of knowledge, in the hands of our partners – the aboriginal and Inuit people of the north – your adventure will thrive.

It’s here you will learn to smell the air. Here you will learn to feel the earth. And here you will learn what it takes to become a man in the north.

For more info or to pull the trigger, email Boyd or Kyler: hunt@adventurenw.com