Caribou Hunts

Caribou Hunts

Height: 4-5 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 240-700lbs
Hoof: Big enough to support them on snow and to paddle through water. A hollow underside helps them dig for food in the winter.
Rack: Up to 35 lbs of curved beauty
Diet: Leaves, plants and lichens up to 12 pounds a day
Social Behavior: Herd mentality
Natural Enemies: The wolf, wolverine, brown and polar bears
Defense: A top speed of 50 mph (80km) and up to 35lbs (15kg) of rock solid rack
Special Attributes: Caribou are the only deer where both the male and female have antlers. During any year they migrate up to 1,600 miles (2500km).
Notes: The population is between 350,000-500,000. Females have one calf each year.

Trek the boundless tundra, bask in the colours of autumn, breathe the scent of the crisp arctic air. It’s a thrilling adventure in the far north, where few have travelled. With your Inuit guides you’ll learn to stalk the majestic caribou and navigate the land like they have for hundreds of years.

You’ll be transported by boat before hiking inland to glass and hunt. The tundra has many high eskers and ridges that enable you to get within rifle and bow range.

Our camp on Contwoyto Lake sits 250 miles north east of Yellowknife, just above the treeline, in the middle of three caribou ranges. There are two large tents, four smaller tents, a guides tent.  The cooks serve up mouth-watering meals, which often include caribou and freshly caught fish.

This package offers you a rare six days, with five full-days of hunting on the land. It’s the greatest opportunity to find your prized animal and to take in the north.

The terrain is generally dry and rocky. No hip waders are necessary, but sturdy waterproof hunting boots are a must. Temperatures can range from 32°F to 75°F in late August and down to 28°F to 40°F by late September. We encourage all hunters to purchase tags for wolf, wolverine and ptarmigan. The lakes also provide outstanding opportunities for lake trout, arctic char, and grayling.

For more info or to pull the trigger, email Boyd or Kyler:

Please Note:

  1. Spike camps may be utilized
  2. While there will not be any caribou tags available to outfitters in the NWT, Adventure Northwest maintains tags in Nunavut, which are not subject to change.


In the morning you will be picked up at the hotel in Yellowknife and transferred to the floatplane base for the 90-minute flight to camp, arriving early afternoon. The following week, the plane will leave camp early in the afternoon for your return to Yellowknife. You will be met at the floatplane base and escorted to the wildlife office to pay trophy fees, and obtain export permits. You will then be transferred to the hotel.


  1. There is a strict weight limit of seventy pounds of gear/liquor etc. per hunter, on the floatplanes. Any hunter having gear weighing in excess of 70lbs. will be charged an additional fee of $1.50/lb. Please bring a soft gun case for travel in the floatplane.
  2. Each hunter will be required to obtain an export permit for any part of an animal that is transported out of the Northwest Territories.
  3. All employees are committed to providing you with a quality hunt and have agreed to abstain from alcohol while in the camp. We in turn encourage all hunters to keep their alcohol to themselves and in their own tent. Every client will be provided with the current hunting regulations and is expected to familiarize themselves with the regulations. Any client who knowingly breaks these regulations, will be sent to Yellowknife at their own expense.
  4. Based on past experience we strongly urge Adventure Northwest clients to consider Cancellation Insurance when booking their hunt(s).

pricing + details

1 Caribou
$6500.00 USD

2nd caribou
$8500.00 USD


$14,800.00 USD
Air charter
$1400.00 USD

What’s Included

  • Accommodation/meals while in camp
  • One guide for every two hunters
  • Field prep of your trophy
  • Meat and hides
  • Hotel – float base return

Not Included

  • $1400 return air charter from Yellowknife to camp
  • government license and trophy fees
  • 5% goods and service tax
  • Meat processing
  • Canadian firearms import fee (if applicable)
  • Your travel to Yellowknife and all costs associated with that