Moose Hunts

Moose Hunts

Height: Six feet at the shoulder
Weight: Males weigh from 1100 to 1800 lbs
Coat: reddish brown with a grey woolly undercoat in winter
Antlers: Grown by bulls, shed each year. Racks reach prime at 6 years of age.
Natural Enemies: groups of wolves, grizzlies, black bears.
Defence: Powerful legs and hooves
Top speed: 34 miles per hour
Diet: tender willow, alder, poplar in new growth forest, and pond vegetation. In winter, twigs and branches of deciduous and coniferous trees.
Social behavior: Males are solitary
Special attributes: Long legs enable them to wade through deep snow and muskeg, deep ponds.
Notes: Moose can be difficult to see in a forested setting, as they can remain very still when alerted to danger.

Float down a beautiful river, bask in the colours of autumn, and breathe the scent of a big rutting moose! It’s a thrilling adventure in the northern boreal swamplands. With your experienced moose guides you’ll learn the art of deception, deceiving the king of the ungulates in a thrilling calling battle during the peak of the rut.

You’ll be transported by boat along the river on which our camp is situated. It is thick brush and swampland so the action will be up close and personal. No need for high powered spotting scopes here. This is great for bow hunting enthusiasts as most shots will be made at close range.

Our camp sits just south of the Northwest Territories border in some of the best moose habitat to be found in Alberta. Because of our northern location and extremely remote setting, the moose we hunt are true trophies. A high percentage of the moose we take make the Boone and Crockett record book, and seeing 50″+ bulls with massive racks, tall pans and lots of points are fairly common.  There are a few super comfortable canvas tents in camp and the cook serves up mouth-watering meals, which often include fresh moose and small game.

This package offers you seven days, with six full-days of hunting on the land. It’s the greatest opportunity to find your prized animal and take in the north.
The terrain is densely forested along the river and generally wet and boggy so sturdy waterproof hunting boots are a must. Temperatures can range from 32° F to 75° F in mid September and down to 28° F to 40° F by late September and early October. We encourage all hunters to purchase tags for black bear as its common to bump into them during your hunt. A wolf tag will be given to each hunter and a small trophy fee will be charged only if you are lucky enough to harvest one.

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Please Note:

  1. If client books in our upper moose camp, which is only accessible by helicopter, an extra charter will be needed to fly out the moose (when harvested) and this is the client’s responsibility. This may cost up to one thousand dollars ($1000) this will be discussed upon inquiry.


In the morning you will be picked up at the hotel in High Level and transferred to the helicopter base for the 30-minute flight to camp, arriving early afternoon. The following week, the helicopter will leave camp early in the afternoon for your return to High Level. You will be met at the helicopter base by an Adventure Northwest employee. You will then be transferred to the hotel in High Level for your flight home the following morning.


  1. There is a strict weight limit of fifty pounds of gear etc. per hunter on the helicopter. Please bring a soft gun case for travel in the helicopter.
  2. Each hunter’s hunting license serves as an export permit, if they wish to take the cape/antlers home on the plane with them.
  3. All employees are committed to providing you with a quality hunt and have agreed to abstain from alcohol while in the camp. We in turn encourage all hunters to keep their alcohol to themselves and in their own tent. Every client will be provided with the current hunting regulations and is expected to familiarize themselves with the regulations. Any client who knowingly breaks these regulations, will be sent to High Level at their own expense.
  4. Based on past experience we strongly urge Adventure Northwest clients to consider Cancellation Insurance when booking their hunt(s).

Pricing + details

Canadian Moose
$9800.00 USD

Black bear License
$300.00 USD
($500 trophy fee if harvested)

Wolf trophy fee
$500.00 USD

What’s Included

  • Accommodation/meals while in camp
  • One guide for every hunter
  • Field prep of your trophy, meat and hides
  • Transportation from High Level airport to the helicopter base – return
  • Helicopter charter to and from camp
  • Wolf/Coyote license

Not Included

  • Trophy fees on bear and wolf
  • 5% goods and service tax
  • Meat processing
  • Canadian firearms import fee (if applicable)
  • Your travel to High Level and all costs associated with that