Muskox Hunts

Muskox Hunts

Height: 4 -5 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 500 to 800lbs
Coat: Long shaggy fleece that produces one of the world’s most coveted wools
Able to withstand -100 Fahrenheit with the wind chill
Diet: Grasses, flowers, plants
Social Behavior: Herd mentality 10-20
Natural Enemies: Arctic wolf, polar bear, grizzly bear
Defense: Circle maneuver and large sharp horns
Special Attributes: Horns that bust through thick ice to get drinking water.
Notes: Muskoxen are so hearty, they are in danger of overpopulation. In winter, they dig large craters below the snow in search of dried plants.

Nobody welcomes a hunter like the Ulukhaktok community. In a land without fences, where animals haven’t heard the sound of gunfire, your guides will ensure the biggest hardship is choosing which muskoxen will become that perfect trophy. Although you’ll quickly realize that this land, barely brushed by time, has more draw than just the thrill of the big hunt. Traditional events like community drum dances, camping on the rugged land, hooking a real northern fish and the chance to nab a super-sized Arctic hare are waiting for you.

While the hunt is listed as five days, actual hunting time may be less, due to the abundance of game. We leave it up to you, head back and enjoy the community or stay out on the land and camp. These hunts are 100% successful with all types of weapons: recurve, longbow and compound bows, muzzle loaders and modern weapons.

The cabins are owned by Ulukhaktok community members. They are functional, but not fancy. Most are heated with oil or Coleman stoves and are comfortable for sleeping. The food will be simple but plentiful, perfect after a day in the Arctic.

Conditions (spring)
You will be transported on a sled, pulled by a snowmobile. This provides superb mobility and allows you to see many muskox. Hunts are available from March through April. The days are long and temperatures comfortable.

Conditions (fall)
You will go inland by ATV or along the coast by boat. The terrain is rough and the ride can become tiresome, so you must be mentally and physically prepared.

For more info or to pull the trigger, email Boyd or Kyler:

Things to note:

  • All lodging while in the community of Ulukhaktok that occurs due to bad weather or equipment delays are covered in the hunt cost. You will have to pay for your own food while staying at the hotel. But if you tag out early, you will have the option to be brought back to Ulukhaktok and will have to pay for food and lodging until the departure of your flight; this may cost as much as three hundred dollars ($300.00) a day (Canadian).
  • Weather is the biggest and most challenging factor that can impede your hunt.
  • Be prepared that you may lose a couple days to bad weather, equipment breakdowns or both;
  • If you tag out and want to go fishing, the guides must take you, providing you have the required fishing license.
  • You will need to have Canadian currency on hand as there are very few places in Ulukhaktok that accept credit cards;
  • Currently Trophy fees (payable to the GNWT) for Muskoxen are $300.00 per animal. These fees must be paid in Canadian currency at the wildlife office in Ulukhaktok;
  • Meat may be taken home, this is the hunter’s responsibility and he/she will have to bring a leak proof container to transport the meat home; and
  • Based on past experience we strongly urge Adventure Northwest clients to consider Cancellation Insurance when booking their hunt(s).

pricing + details

Spring Mainland Muskox

1 muskox

$8900.00 USD

 1 muskox/wolf/wolverine/fox combo hunt

$11,500.00 USD

Byron Bay fall muskox hunt

$7500.oo USD

Caribou muskox combo hunt

$14,800.00 USD

Holman Muskox Hunt

1 Muskox
$7500.00 USD

2nd Muskox (Northwest Territories only)
$2500.00 USD

What’s Included

  • Accommodation/meals while in camp
  • One guide for every hunter (Byron Bay muskox hunts are 2 hunters per guide)
  • Field prep of trophy and hides.

Not Included

  • Muskox license and trophy fees
  • Government trophy and export fees
  • 5% goods and service tax
  • Canadian firearms import fee (if applicable)
  • Commercial flights to Holman, Cambridge Bay, or Yellowknife. Location dependent on the hunt booked.  
  • Your travel to any of the above locations and all costs associated with that