Arctic Wolf Hunts

Arctic Wolf Hunts

Height: 25-31 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 175 lbs (full grown male)
Coat: Beautiful coats of red, gray, white, and black
Length: 3-6 feet from nose to tail
Diet: Caribou, muskoxen, small game
Social Behavior: Pack Animals 2-20
Natural Enemies: Man
Defense: 42 teeth and a good offense
Special Attributes: Able to tolerate years of sub-zero temperatures, up to two months of darkness a year, and weeks without food.
Notes: Arctic wolves thrive in abundant numbers in the areas north and east of Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake.

The Arctic wolf hunt remains one of our most exciting. The winter tundra is cold and extreme, but it also offers a majestic beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

Our adventure begins by vehicle, along the extensive ice road systems that run through the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The same systems made famous by “Ice Road Truckers.” You will enter regions impossible during any other season, and track caribou, just like the wolf does.

You will stalk, chase or lie in wait for your target. When you spot a wolf, you and your guide may switch to a snowmobile, give chase and bring the wolf in range. The rest, as always, will be up to you.

Your accommodations for this hunt may be in one of our comfortable, heated, polar tents or one of our simple hunting camps located all along the ice roads. You will nourish yourself with freeze-dried food.

Each hunter has two tags, but the focus is to make sure that both hunters get a wolf. Arctic weather is variable in hunting season and hunts may not be exactly as described.


We will meet at your hotel early in the morning to take advantage of the daylight hours and hunt on your first day out. At the end of your week, you will return to Yellowknife by vehicle and be transferred to the wildlife office to pay trophy fees and obtain appropriate export/C.I.T.E.S. permit, before being taken to your hotel.

We also offer baited wolf hunts in northern Alberta from heated blinds.

For more info or to pull the trigger, email Boyd:

Important Notes:

  1. Hunts typically take place at the end of April or early March, but can be custom designed for other times.
  2. All wildlife requires either a Nunavut or NWT export permit prior to removing the trophy from the territory. These export permits are available from the applicable Wildlife Office and are issued free of charge when the trophy fee is paid.
  3. Because one of your wolves may be taken in Nunavut, it will be necessary to keep the hide in Nunavut until an export permit can be issued, we will then ship the hide to a destination of your choice.
  4. For export out of Canada a wolf skin requires a C.I.T.E.S. permit, which can be issued by either the Nunavut or NWT wildlife officials. Sometimes it is necessary to leave your trophy with Adventure Northwest until a C.I.T.E.S. permit can be issued and this can take up to a month. Upon receipt of the permit the hide will be shipped to a destination of your choice.
  5. Based on past experience we strongly urge Adventure Northwest clients to consider Cancellation Insurance when booking their hunt(s).

pricing + details

1 Wolf
$6500.00 USD

2nd Wolf (if harvested)
$750.00 USD

What’s Included

  • Accommodation/meals while in camp
  • One guide for every two hunters
  • Field prep of your trophy

Not Included

  • Government license and trophy fees ($315 per wolf)
  • 5% goods and service tax
  • Meat processing
  • Canadian firearms import fee (if applicable)
  • Your travel to Yellowknife and all costs associated with that.